Here are a few super simple tips for giving your cherished Woodland Soul board some love so it can last a lifetime and beyond!

It’s surprisingly easy to look after your board and just a small amount of the right care will make all the difference. All you have to do is to keep your board clean and apply a food safe pure mineral oil or wax oil as needed. This will soak gently into the wood, protecting and nourishing it. It’s always really lovely to see the colour and grain of your wooden board glow in all its natural beauty.

Protecting & Nourishing Your Board

Food safe wax oil treatment for woodAt Woodland Soul we recommend a good quality wax oil to extend the life of your chopping board. This offers a longer lasting way to protect and nourish your board. It coats the surface with natural waxes and leaves a natural sheen finish.

We always use Brandon Bespoke. Brandon Bespoke specialise in food safe treatments made from the finest natural oils and waxes.  Their excellent quality is confirmed by the fantastic feedback on Amazon and Ebay. We also really like that they’re based close to us, just up the road near Basingstoke.

The food safe Brandon Bespoke Wax Oil Treatment is a blend of different oils with beeswax, carnauba and a wax oil in the blend. The beauty of this is that the oil soaks into the wood while the wax gives a lovely sheen. It’s great for your domestic board and requires minimum effort to apply. While we now use the Brandon Bespoke Pure Mineral Oil as this is nut free, wheat free and beeswax free so great for vegans, carnivores and everyone in between. You can buy pots and bottles of this fabulous stuff on our site BUY BOARD TREATMENT

Celebrating Wonderful Wood

Wood is a wonderful organic material and almost half the weight of freshly sawn wood is water. All the timbers that we source for our food boards undergo meticulous drying to carefully reduce the moisture content.

The process of air drying the timber depends on its thickness. For each inch of thickness the timber is dried for one year, plus one additional year. It is then kiln dried to reduce the moisture content to at least 12%. Wood is influenced by changing humidity and that’s why you want to share the love with your board and not subject it to excessive changes in temperature or moisture content.

Keeping Your Board Clean

Wood is naturally antibacterial and an ideal medium for food boards, as well as being heat resistant to hot pots and pans. 


  • Clean your board by simply wiping down or scrubbing lightly (using a small amount of detergent if needed)
  • After washing, wipe dry and let your board air naturally in an area that is away from heat sources
  • Oil your board regularly with a natural food safe mineral oil or wax oil


  • Don’t wash your board in the dishwasher
  • Don’t soak your board with water as this will cause it to wrap and/or crack
  • Don’t dry on or close to areas of heat sources such as radiators and ovens

There’s nothing better than preparing and presenting food on a good solid beautiful board made from a single piece of English wood.

If you would like to commission a handmade board or boards with your choice of edge, type of wood, selected dimensions and finish, contact Rachel directly via