Here at Woodland Soul most of the wood that we use retains its natural live edge. Live edge wood keeps the original lines of the trunk along its edges, showing the wood in a very naturalistic and raw state.

Bark On Live Edge Solid Oak Board

The outer rings of a tree trunk are the living part of the tree. When a log is cut into slabs, the entire slab is used including the natural edge. The natural live edge of the wood under the bark is kept intact after it is cut. We love to work with timber in an organic way and to celebrate the knots, burrs and figured grain in each board.

“The live edge ethos is all about embracing nature, craftsmanship, and simplicity.”

Bark Off Live Edge Solid Oak Board

‘Live edge’ became a popular term in the 1940s thanks to George Nakashima. He was an American woodworker, architect, and furniture maker who was one of the leading innovators of 20th century furniture design and a father of the American craft movement.

Nakashima’s signature woodworking design was his large-scale tables made of sizeable slabs of wood with smooth tops and unfinished natural edges. He connected these large slabs of wood with butterfly joints. The term is now used to describe nearly any piece of furniture or home accessory, from tables and benches through to headboards, shelving and food boards that retain this natural style edge.

There are two types of natural live edge. A “bark on” edge is really rustic as the bark of the tree remains intact and is simply cleaned and then oiled like the rest of the finished board. A “de-barked” or “bark off” edge is where we carefully remove the bark from the tree slab using a curved edge knife and lightly sand the edge to prevent splintering. The focus is on retaining the edge as much as possible and not altering the shape of the wood. Both bark on and bark off finishes result in an exquisite, unique edge full of individual character.

Bark Off Live Edge Solid Oak Board

We love wood, we love local and we don’t like to see any part of a tree go to waste. That’s why we work with local sustainable traceable English wood, mainly English oak, that is of the highest grade having been fully seasoned and kiln dried grade at local reputable saw mills. We always like to make sure each felled tree is respectfully celebrated and that as much of it as possible is used for the enjoyment of as many people as possible.

Wood is naturally anti-bacterial and an ideal medium for food boards, as well as being heat resistant to hot pots and pans. Whether you’re looking for a wooden chopping board, rustic cheese board, wood breadboard, wooden serving platter, or rustic food presentation board – the choice is all yours.

If you’d like to commission a handmade board with your choice of edge, type of wood, selected dimensions and finish contact Rachel directly via