Board Care

A cherished wooden food board can last a lifetime and beyond. It’s surprisingly easy to look after and just a small amount of the right care will make all the difference. To get things started your wooden food board will already come treated with a few coats of food safe mineral oil or wax oil.

Here are the Do’s:

  • Oil your board regularly with a natural food safe mineral oil or wax oil
  • Clean your board by simply wiping down or scrubbing lightly (using a small amount of detergent if needed)
  • After washing, wipe dry and let your board air naturally in an area that is AWAY from heat sources


Here are the Don’ts:

  • Do NOT wash your board in the dishwasher
  • Do NOT soak your board with water as this will cause it to warp and/or crack
  • Do NOT dry on or close to areas of heat sources such as radiators and ovens


Please Note:

Wood is a natural product that will react to different environments that we have no control over once the product leaves our workshop. We therefore can’t offer any guarantee against cracking or bowing.

Should you have any further questions about taking care of your board, please get in touch.